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  Recently I was very disturbed by an article I read in the Raleigh, N.C. News & Observer concerning grades at the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill. The article was about grade inflation. This was the part of the article I found most disturbing: Gilleskie, the economic professor who crunched the data for […]

Thanks to the media vilifying a few apparently out-of-control jaunts by corporations who had to be bailed out, many companies are now reconsidering their own meetings and conventions. Meetings are being portrayed as frivolous expenditures when people are being let go. I say – STOP THE INSANITY! If we keep buying into all the doom […]

Even in a recession, when businesses are closing and people are being laid off, customer service is STILL terrible! How can this be? This should be a top priority all the time, but especially in tough times. Here are tips to improve your customer service before it’s too late: 1.)Be friendly. What happens to customers […]

This is it, leaders—the chance you have been waiting for! The perfect opportunity to be a guiding light in the darkness. The time to step up and inspire your people, to take away their fear, to offer them hope. Well? Where the hell are you? If you are in a leadership position, you need to […]

In my work with nonprofit boards I have seen several disorders which I would like to point out to you in the hope of someday finding a cure. Committee-itis—this manifests itself when a board has WAY too many committees. So many committees in fact, it may not remember what the committees were formed for in […]