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Virtual Presentations

Many of FireStar’s programs are available in a virtual format, so please ask!  These are our most requested:


How to Stay Motivated During Challenging Times 

Could your group use a pep rally? In this fast-paced, tip packed session, they’ll get ideas to keep their spirits up and their thoughts focused.

Some of the things we’ll cover:

  • for those of you who might have an inner control freak – you’ll get tips for calming him/her down in uncontrollable times
  • three tips for boosting your immune system and your productivity
  • 10 tips for staying motivated no matter what!

You’ll get to connect with others via chat to exchange ideas during and after the session.

Stress and Time Management  – When it Seems You Can’t Manage Anything!

People are working more hours than ever and are feeling overwhelmed and disconnected.  This session is packed with tips including:

  • over a dozen ideas for reducing stress
  • a stress equation that will forever change the way you think
  • tips for time management (customized for working from home or back in the office) including a special section on e-mail
  • a good dose of motivation and humor

If you get just one idea that saves you 15 minutes a day, that’s four days a year!  And who can’t use four more days?

Raising Your Resilience

This session is packed with steps you can take now that will have a huge impact on your future.  You’ll get tips for mental toughness and critical thinking to help you thrive in an everchanging environment. We’ll also discuss five key areas that can impact your life:

  • Relationships
  • Finances
  • Health
  • Travel
  • Emergencies

After this session, you’ll be able to handle anything life might throw at you. There is a 100% chance the future will be different. This program will make sure you are too.