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Virtual Presentations

Many of FireStar’s programs are available in a virtual format, so please ask!  These are our most requested:

How to Stay Motivated No Matter What! 

One of the greatest challenges we face is keeping ourselves motivated. This is particularly difficult and extremely important with our fast-paced, ever-changing jobs today. It’s easy to lose enthusiasm and get burned out, stressed out, and finally – checked out. This high-energy session gives participants six steps for getting the fire back in their lives professionally and personally. It’s packed with tips for staying positive regardless of what life throws at you.  It isn’t just a motivational program, it’s a method that can be applied whenever needed.

Stress and Time Management  – When it Seems You Can’t Manage Anything!

People are working more hours than ever and are feeling overwhelmed and disconnected.  This session is packed with tips including:

  • over a dozen ideas for reducing stress
  • a stress equation that will forever change the way you think
  • tips for time management including a special section on e-mail (customized for your group)
  • a good dose of motivation and humor

If you get just one idea that saves you 15 minutes a day, that’s four days a year!  And who can’t use four more days?

How to Communicate with Everyone Who Isn’t You! 

Life would be so easy if everyone we interacted with was just like us. They would understand our cryptic e-mail messages, forgive our bizarre text messages, and understand why we unfriended them on Facebook. There would be no hard feelings, no conflict, and clearly, world peace. Unfortunately, no one else is exactly like you and to succeed in life and work, you have to work with the confusing, the angry, the silly, and yes, even the smarter and more articulate. This session will help you do just that!

You will learn about barriers to communication and how to remove them. You’ll take a communication styles quiz and find out just how different a large portion of the world really is and how to get along with them. People won’t stop being different – this session will help you understand them.

Setting Your Followers on Fire! 

Leadership is harder than even before.  You may be trying to manage a remote or hybrid workforce. Technology is constantly changing our interactions and our expectations. How do you keep your team motivated?  We’ll start with a leadership tune up – discussing mistakes that leaders can make (failing to define expectations, criticizing rather than coaching, micromanaging, and more) and how to avoid them. 

Then we get to the juicy stuff – what really motivates people (move past Maslow’s Hierarchy – we’ve got something better!).  We’ll cover 4 things reward MUST be to be effective. And we’ll talk about creating a culture where enthusiasm can thrive!  If you want to get more from your employees, if you want to raise morale (without raising pay), or if you just want to be a better leader, this program is for you.