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Denise’s Book


A series of questions and commentary to help you determine if you BURN – if you live your life with fire and enthusiasm.

Description from author, Denise Ryan:

This is a gorgeous book – my designer, Larry Lynn, is a rock star – and it has all sorts of questions and stories to help readers live their lives on fire.  It actually gives you a six step process for getting and staying motivated.

What are the steps?

First you have to really want to be motivated and fired up. What? You think this stuff is easy? If it were easy, we’d all be happy and living our lives to the fullest. Getting fat is easy, staying motivated is hard. When you want it badly enough, move to step two.

Step two is waking up. I believe most of us get so caught up in our busy routines we miss our lives. Years fly by us. Think of your next major birthday – maybe you will be 30 or 65. Think about what it will be like to be that age if you continue on your current path. Are you good with that? Years ago when I played that out I was living in Fayetteville, NC renting an apartment. My next major birthday was 40. I thought, “Holy smokes, I don’t want to be 40 and still renting an apartment in Fayetteville! AAIIEE!” I woke up, moved to Raleigh and bought a house. Yay!

What do you want for yourself? Better health? Children? More friends? Better work? Wake up now and start working on it – or go back to sleep and miss your own life. It’s up to you.

Step three will help you stay awake – you have to conquer your fear. Fear is the biggest barrier we face to staying motivated. We are afraid to live. We are afraid to tell someone we love them, afraid to ask for a raise, afraid to look for a new job, afraid to travel alone, afraid to do something we have never done, afraid of rejection, of criticism, of embarrassment. You have to get through your fear (which exists only in your mind) so you can take the next step in having a great life.

Step four is well – buy the book and find out!!

Step five is hey – I can’t give away everything!

Step six is action – you have to do something. We have become masters of activity with no purpose – how many hours have we all wasted surfing the net or watching TV or playing Facebook games. That’s great, but unless one of your life goals is having a virtual farm, what the hell are you doing?  This book will help you get going on what’s really important to you.

Buy the book and start burning.  It’s only $20 plus $4 shipping – and it’s gorgeous!