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Employees start their jobs on fire. Nobody takes a job they hate – every single person working for you today was excited in the beginning. (If you are hiring people who aren’t excited in the interview – STOP! A positive attitude and lots of fire should be at the top of your list of required […]

Are you trying to scare your salespeople into getting results? Where there’s fear, there can be no enthusiasm. And where there’s no enthusiasm, there are poor sales. 1.) Take a good look at yourself. Are you really projecting enthusiasm for your company and its products? Do you come in everyday with a smile on your […]

In 2005 nearly half a million e-mails landed in in-boxes each SECOND. Dealing with e-mail has added one to two hours of work to the average worker’s day. I get feedback from middle managers who don’t have time for their people because upper management is constantly bombarding them with e-mail requests. Sound familiar? If all […]

It’s easy for successful businesses to coast -to keep doing what they’ve always been doing. But the world is changing at a breakneck pace and you can’t continue to be successful if you stay the same. Here are some tips to keep you up to speed: Update your marketing materials. I think this should be […]

If you have a board of directors or have ever held a retreat, you might enjoy this one! And if you ever need an outside facilitator, give FireStar a call. Have any of these things ever happened at one of your leadership retreats? You craft a plan, but everyone expects aliens to fly down from […]