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Many of you are involved with associations, chambers of commerce or other not-for-profit organizations governed by Boards of Directors. As a former nonprofit executive, I find this structure can be awfully hard to work with— the Executive Director is supposed to run the show and the board members are key volunteers, but the Executive Director […]

We all frequent a lot of businesses; most have so-so customer service at best. (But not if you hear their advertising! Customer service is always outstanding!) We’ve become used to clerks who seem put out if they actually have to help us, and we even find ourselves feeling bad if we have to ask for […]

Employees start their jobs on fire. Nobody takes a job they hate – every single person working for you today was excited in the beginning. (If you are hiring people who aren’t excited in the interview – STOP! A positive attitude and lots of fire should be at the top of your list of required […]

Are you trying to scare your salespeople into getting results? Where there’s fear, there can be no enthusiasm. And where there’s no enthusiasm, there are poor sales. 1.) Take a good look at yourself. Are you really projecting enthusiasm for your company and its products? Do you come in everyday with a smile on your […]

In 2005 nearly half a million e-mails landed in in-boxes each SECOND. Dealing with e-mail has added one to two hours of work to the average worker’s day. I get feedback from middle managers who don’t have time for their people because upper management is constantly bombarding them with e-mail requests. Sound familiar? If all […]