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Hot Doughnuts Now!

I’ve always thought the new and unique was motivational.  If things never changed, we’d be bored as heck.

So when I received a survey from Krispy Kreme, I was thrilled to hear about some of the new flavors they are considering.  They included flavors like cherry and chocolate, strawberry and chocolate, salted caramel and chocolate and cheesecake and crème filled Oreo.  Yum!  Could life really get any better?

When was the last time you did something new?  It could be a little something new – trying a new restaurant or a big something new – a trip to a country you’ve never visited.  I find that I get busy – so many things to do and finding something new seems like too much work or trouble.  But every time I actually do it, I’m re-energized and re-engaged.

With the recession, I’ve been working hard and saving my money, but I can also afford to take a big trip.  Travel is my “something new” I don’t do often enough.  And I have always wanted to go to Italy.  So, I finally quit making excuses – the economy, not the right time for my boyfriend to go, unrest in Europe, blah, blah, blah – and booked the trip.  I am so excited and re-energized and I haven’t even gone yet!  Taking action toward the life you want will always get your fire burning.  What “something new” can you try?  What life do you want?  What excuses are you making?  And what are you waiting for?

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