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Life Really IS Like a Box of Chocolates

   As I write this, we just began the Federal budget sequestration.  The stock market has been soaring.  But unemployment is around 8%.  Do I know what all of it means?  Heck no.  Do I know what the future holds?  Ha!  Let’s face it – none of us do.  Life is like a box of chocolates and not one of us knows what we’re gonna get.

   My new session “How to Excel in Uncertain Times” is all about just that – how to thrive when your own personal Rome might be burning.  You might not even be sure it’s burning, but you swear you can smell smoke.

   The session gives participants a four step method to help get them through anything life throws at them.  You get laid off?  Got it.  They sell the company and you get a whole new culture and leadership team?  No problem.  You’re diagnosed with a serious health issue?  You can handle it.

   Life isn’t always perfect and many of us were never taught the skills to cope with such a rapidly changing and murky world.  This session teaches those skills.  It’s helpful both for those going through a challenging time and those who want to be ready when life throws them a curve ball.  Because it will.  If you didn’t know that before the recession, you know it now.

   Jim Collins, author of Good to Great, says the determining factor in an individual’s success is self-discipline.  Doing what you need to do to reach your goals instead of want you want to do.  Making another sales call instead of updating your LinkedIn profile.  Going to the gym instead of watching TV.  Saving instead of spending.  Doing what needs to be done today, even if you are not sure what will happen tomorrow.  The most successful of us practice self-discipline.  This session has a whole section on discipline and provides many tips and ideas to help you have more.  If you can become more disciplined, you can change your life.  Think of the impact of a more disciplined workforce on your business! 

   This session will help you (or your members, your employees, your team) get your head in the game, stop looking for guarantees, and chart your own course. 


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Janet Monaghen

Hi, Denise: I have always enjoyed your writing and speeches. You are a great motivational speaker and has great ideas. I have been unemployed for more than two years now. I was a controller / director, finance for more than twenty years for various companies. This great recession really hit hard. It’s been a tough journey thus far. Still, I figure if windows are not opened for me, perhaps it’s time for me to bust some doors, create my own trail ( I have constantly adjusted myself.). Still, it can be difficult from times to times. It takes a lot… Read more »