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How to Have a Great Day

How do you make each day the best possible?  Well, you gotta start the night before.  Yeah – you have to get enough sleep or it’s going to be a lot harder.  So DVR that show or stop looking at Facebook and get some sleep!  

After that, upon waking, you have to decide that the day is going to rock.  And you have to look for signs that indeed, you are right.  If it’s raining outside, you think, “Great!  I have to be at my desk all day, this is the perfect weather to get a lot done.”  If it’s sunny, you think, “Awesome!  What a gorgeous day!”  You have to choose to look for the positive and walk in joy.   You get more of what you look for and focus on.

As you are strolling along in your joy bubble, you can’t let other people pop it.  They’ll want to.  They’ll want to complain about their crummy day or vent about some perceived injustice or rant about who knows what.  Try this – when they start ranting, think of yourself as a happy baby.  Make your eyes big and round, put a little baby smile on your face and then say, “I’m sorry about that.”  Keep the baby face and toddle off.  They can’t get mad (you have the wide eyed look of a giant baby) and you are leaving the area which is what I really want you to do.  If you are giggling as you leave, even better.  Go giant baby, go!

During the course of the day, do something nice for two people – you and someone else.  Give yourself permission to have a nice lunch away from your desk or randomly call your spouse and tell them how much you love them or how wonderful they are.  That’s it – nothing crazy.  You’ll be surprised how good those will make you feel.  If the other person doesn’t seem receptive – do the giant baby again.  You are so darn cute you don’t even care!

Keep looking for the lucky, amazing things that are happening to you!  Computer not crashing?  Yay!  Saw a cardinal?  Magic!  Boss is grouchy?  Be glad you’re not him/her!  Wheeeee!!!  Someone asks you to stay late again?  Giant baby time!  Big eyes, little smile and say, “I’m so sorry, but I stayed late last night, I can’t do it again tonight.”  Toddle away.  (Maybe don’t do the giggle this time.)  Although maybe you could get a rattle to shake.

You may be thinking, “This is silly and life is serious, hard, challenging.”  No – life is what you make it.  You can have the hardest job in the world and you can focus on the difference you make or you can focus on how hard it is.  You can have a fight with your spouse and you can focus on every rotten thing he or she has ever done or you can focus on every act of kindness and love.  (If there aren’t any, that’s another matter completely.)  You can beat yourself up for every mistake you make or you can tell yourself you’re learning from it and getting better.  You can stomp through this life in anger or you can toddle through in wonder.  You choose.

Hope you have a great day!  Giggle.

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Julie Deschenes
7 years ago

Enjoyed this — reminded me of what I used to tell my kids each day. “You can choose to make it a good day or a bad day.” In their 20’s now, they remember how much they hated it then, but live by it now!

7 years ago


Jerry Jestin
7 years ago

Thanks Denise and Good Morning……only time I use good is if it is a late sleep in or I am traveling and today I am back in the air. Great words….sometimes hard to do but I will try harder today.

pam padgett
8 years ago

Good Morning Denise…..mine is off to a GREAT start….I am smiling all over myself…..just from a few short minutes reading this blog….

It was just fantastic meeting you at Wild Acres….and I cannot tell you what an “attitude adjuster” you are !!!!

8 years ago

I needed this today. Thanks!