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Customer Service Articles

 I am so over dealing with “difficult” people. Let’s just call ‘em what they are—PITA people. We are trying to go about our lives and these people come in and muck everything up. They are frustrating, annoying, and we want to kill them. I have some bad news. We are all PITA people. Oh, right—you’re […]

We all frequent a lot of businesses; most have so-so customer service at best. (But not if you hear their advertising! Customer service is always outstanding!) We’ve become used to clerks who seem put out if they actually have to help us, and we even find ourselves feeling bad if we have to ask for […]

Even in a recession, when businesses are closing and people are being laid off, customer service is STILL terrible! How can this be? This should be a top priority all the time, but especially in tough times. Here are tips to improve your customer service before it’s too late: 1.)Be friendly. What happens to customers […]