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Dealing with Pain in the A#$ People

 I am so over dealing with “difficult” people. Let’s just call ‘em what they are—PITA people. We are trying to go about our lives and these people come in and muck everything up. They are frustrating, annoying, and we want to kill them.

I have some bad news. We are all PITA people. Oh, right—you’re not—you never get mad or confused or don’t read the return policy. You are an angel. We have a name for PITA people like you—you are a PITA in denial. One of the toughest PITAs to deal with, you have no idea what a PITA you are! When dealing with a PITA in denial you have to be very patient and not get emotional. Stay calm and go over things until they get it. Just remember de nile runs deep.

There’s the Pissed Off PITA. They show up angry. At least it seems that way. They act angry, so you do too. (That always helps.) What do you do with the P’d Off PITA? Listen. Yep—listen. Something has happened to them—let them tell you. Have some empathy—maybe they just lost their job. Maybe they just lost their child. Who are you to judge? Just listen. If appropriate, tell them you’re sorry about what happened. It doesn’t cost you anything, it doesn’t mean you are wrong, and it’s very likely to make them feel a lot better.

There’s the Stupid PITA. They can’t follow directions or read signs. They don’t know how to operate equipment or take medicine. They ask idiotic questions. They only read part of the e-mail you sent or ignored the small print. Stupid, stupid, stupid! Know what? They aren’t stupid—maybe they are scared or new at their jobs or overworked and stressed out. Maybe we need to ask why we print important information in small print. Maybe we should be glad they don’t know everything—they might not need us!

We’ve all been every one of these PITA people. Remember that and you’ll find dealing with them much easier.

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