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Becoming Your Best Articles

I love scary movies—especially those scenes where the people go into the dark and creepy house. We all know something REALLY bad is going to happen, but they go in anyway. What about you—is your house (or office) haunted? Just what do I mean by haunted? I mean filled with stacks of papers past. Crammed […]

I have a confession to make. I am a procrastinator. I can find a reason to do just about anything other than the tasks I dread. For example, I should be getting a mailing out right now, but I am writing this article. However, I recently completed a ton of tasks I had been putting […]

I am convinced the media is playing a key role in making the economy worse. All of the radio, television, and newspaper articles impact you even if you think they don’t. I hear that spending is down, that companies are failing, that tens of thousands of people are losing their jobs. I worry about my […]