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Bringing Silly Back

I think silliness is vastly underrated. Anyone can be smart, or graceful, or eloquent, but silly?  Silliness is a special gift.  And there’s just not enough of it!  I’d like to enlist your help in bringing silly back.  Here are some ideas:

Get some sprinkles.  Have them in your purse (guys, I know you won’t do sprinkles, so hang on).  Next time you are dining out with friends get them out and put them on your food.  Silly!  If I’m with you, put them on my food.

Show your kids Monty Python and the Holy Grail or This is Spinal Tap.  If you haven’t seen these films, watch them. Don’t let the art of silliness fade away!  Burn anything with Adam Sandler in it.

Guys, farts are not silly.  They are gross.   Up your game.

Funny faces are silly.  I’m scared with all the Botox in the world we’ll lose the art of the funny face.  Babies love funny faces and so do I!  More funny faces!

Costumes are almost always silly.  Not the sexy ones, ladies, the goofy ones.  I got the family to wear Christmas onesies this year – I still laugh at the pics!  Guys who will be good sports and be silly are the best.

Hats, yes, hats can be silly.  That’s easier for men – less commitment.  Baseball hats are not silly.  Unless they have ears attached to them.  That’s silly.

Silly really is all about making fun of yourself.  Being comfortable enough to do something just to make other people laugh.  It’s at no one’s expense (except maybe your own).

Sure, there’s a risk that you might be the only person being silly, but the payoff is huge!  People laugh!  They smile!  They are drawn to silliness!  And silliness spreads joy.  I think we can all use more joy in our lives.

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Sissy Kelly
2 years ago

I agree, Denise, guy farts are not silly, but it seems putting a whoopee cushion under an unsuspecting ‘victim’, while not really silly, is really funny to the perps. I had not yet met my new husband’s oldest brother and his family, who were down from New Hampshire for Thanksgiving. It was the day before and I had to work that day. I was so naïve and gullible; I should have realized something was up – it was standing room only (hubby had seven living brother’s & sisters with all their spouses/children); however, there just happened to be one vacant… Read more »

Marguerite O'Brien
2 years ago

My silly is actually my husband’s. Last Christmas, at dinner with extended family (he’s one of 6; multiple nieces/nephews), he disappeared for a while. When he returned, he was wearing the pink bunny outfit from A Christmas Story! We all howled with laughter, especially his mom, who was not in good health. Little did we know that would be her last Christmas (she passed in January 2019). Seeing that joy on her face will be something I always remember.