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Wake Up! Life is Passing You By!

       In my motivational sessions, I give six steps to living your life on fire.  The hardest step for me is step two – Staying Awake.  Maybe that’s hard for you too.  So I’m going to ask some questions to wake you up.

     Do the people in your life bring you joy?  If not, why are you keeping them in your life?  According to studies, having positive relationships has a huge impact on our happiness.  Don’t let the negative people take up all your time.

     Do you have exciting things to look forward to?  Be specific – retirement is WAY too vague.  Going to Italy in the spring – that’s what I’m talking about.  If not, you need to get some, sleepyhead.

     Do you enjoy your work?  Does it make the most of your skills and talents?  If no to either, why are you doing it?  (We spend most of our waking hours doing something work-related, if you don’t enjoy it, find new work.)  You can make excuses, but you’ll only have yourself to blame if you waste 40 years doing something you hate.

     If you died tomorrow, would you consider your life well-lived?  What does a well-lived life mean to you?

     Are you savoring?  Food, music, art, people.  If you are busy, busy, busy – you are missing out.  Did you notice the gorgeous colors of pumpkins and mums this fall?  Or the fall leaves?  Have you tried a pumpkin doughnut? Have you stroked a love one’s hair this week?  (Rover’s fur counts.)

     What experience would you like to have?  Seeing the Northern Lights?  Climbing Mt. Rainier?  Attending the Super Bowl?  What are your dreams?  Are you doing anything to make them come true?  If not, they won’t.  Zzzzzzz……

     Are you waiting for something?  Waiting to lose 20 pounds, then you’ll get out there and live?  Waiting to meet Mr./Ms. Right, then you’ll get your dream house?  Emerson said, “We’re always getting ready to live and never living.”  Stop waiting – your life is now.

     Do you believe you create your own destiny?  If not, go back to sleep.  If so, start creating.  I believe your life is what you make it.  Make it amazing.

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