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Random Acts

Almost everyone is familiar with the idea of committing a Random Act of Kindness – an action you take for someone unasked and for which you expect nothing in return. It’s often done anonymously. It could be something as simple as leaving a piece of candy on someone’s desk or holding the door for a stranger. I’m advocating committing all sorts of Random Acts to make life more exciting and to keep yourself fired up and motivated. Here are some ideas:

Random Acts of Tipping – Tip someone who doesn’t normally get tipped and see what happens! After getting amazingly good service, I tipped the popcorn kid at the movies and the Subway sandwich lady. They were thrilled and astonished, and I felt terrific! Try it!

Random Acts of Recognition – Tell a co-worker what a great job they did on something or how great they look today. Let the waiter know he has a terrific smile. Tell people something good about themselves. The only rule is it has to be sincere. I guarantee it will make your day.

Random Acts of Humor – Do something funny! We all love to laugh and the best humor is unexpected. I recently gave a motivational speech at Mitchell Community College and spoke about the dreaded enthusiasm vampires. The staff got together and developed an Enthusiasm Vampire Award which contains crosses, stakes, holy water, and garlic powder. The award is rotated to whoever is being an enthusiasm vampire. That’s hilarious!

I’m sure you can come up with your own ideas for Random Acts. (How about Random Acts of Love for those close to you?) The key is to do something out of the ordinary just for the joy or the fun of it. Remember, your experience of this life is what you make it!

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