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Quest for Fire

When Denise Ryan tells people she’s a motivational speaker, one of the first thing they will say is “Oh yeah? Well, motivate me.”

The truth is motivational speakers don’t motivate you – you motivate yourself. Motivation comes from within. However, we all lose the fire from time to time and need a boost. That’s where motivational speakers, tapes, and books can help.

Other things that can help you keep the fire:

Get enough sleep! You need at least eight hours to operate at full capacity.

Stop trying to control other people. The only person you can control is you.

Take responsibility for everything that happens in your life. Maybe your boss is mean – well, you can always get another job. But if you just sit around and complain and let your boss make your life miserable – that’s your fault. You are choosing to give all your power to your boss.

Stop looking for what you want where you know you can’t find it. Want love? Why are you trying to get it from someone who isn’t capable of giving it to you? Remember, the only person you can control is you. Many of us keep looking in the place we are least likely to find something.

Turn off the television! Many people complain they don’t have time to get more rest or to exercise, then spend hours in front of the television set.

Ask for what you want. People cannot read your mind. They don’t know what you want or need, but often if you ask them they will do their best to give it to you. Too many times we suffer in silence when people would be glad to help us. If you don’t ask the people in your life for what you need, you don’t give them a chance to be close to you.

Get healthy. You can’t burn with passion and energy if you don’t feel well physically. There are many resources out there for improving your health, and many of the changes are not as hard as you think. Start by going to www.realage.com and taking the quiz. The recommendations at the end will help you live a longer and better life.

Get your company to bring in FireStar! We’ll help rekindle those embers, and you and your co-workers will have a terrific time. Life is too short not to live passionately.

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