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The Mysterious Law of Attraction

I am not a New Age weirdo, I swear.  But you can’t be a so-called “motivational speaker” and not be familiar with the Law of Attraction.  In a nutshell, the Law of Attraction says that you will attract what you think about.  If you obsess over being fat, you’ll get fatter.  If you focus on health, you’ll be healthier.  If you focus on how lonely you are, you’ll be lonelier, if you are grateful for how much love you do have, you’ll get even more love.  While I think there is some truth to this, I think it’s often taken to an extreme.  I’m a more down to Earth kind of gal – I think you decide what you want, make a plan and then take action in that direction.

But…..let me tell you something interesting.  I’ve been holding back from booking the trip to Italy because of my fears about money and the economy.  I’m doing great now, but what about next quarter?  What if those crazy Greeks go belly-up?  What if the stock market tanks?  The Law of Attraction people would say I’m living in lack, focusing on not having more money instead of celebrating my success and assuming it will continue.  Yeah, yeah, whatever.

Okay, here’s where it gets a little New Agey.  When I put those fears aside and took action, booking the trip – a strong sign that I really do believe if I work hard I will continue to prosper – bam!  I booked three speaking engagements in a 24 hour period!  I’m not kidding!

Could there be truth to this?  Maybe it’s just a random coincidence.  Or maybe my joy is doing a better job of attracting new clients than my fear?

What are you attracting?  Could it be worth giving this a try and redirecting your thoughts and actions?

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