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Have You Lost the Fire?

Did you start the New Year on fire, brimming with enthusiasm for all the lofty goals you were going to accomplish, only to already be back in the doldrums?

If so, here are some thoughts that may help you reclaim your flame:

Are you trying to do too much? When I feel overwhelmed, I drop back and narrow my focus. I set concrete reasonable goals for each day. And I try to give up perfection. Do what’s really important to YOU.

Change something. Do a different workout if you’re getting bored with the old one. Turn off the great distracter – the television – and actually talk with your family or catch up on your reading. Nobody gets energized about their life by watching television.

Get outside. We’ve been cooped up with all the bad weather this winter. Being outside always makes me feel better. If the birds are still singing, things can‘t be too bad.

Take five minutes to be grateful for how very much you have.

Stop comparing yourself to others. There will always be someone richer, thinner and better looking. And really, who cares?

Think back over what in your life has made you happy. Do more of it.

Spend time with exciting, happy people. Don’t know any? Meet some! (See the networking articles.)

Recapture your fire – life is way too short not to be excited about it.

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