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Don’t Let the Recession Rain on Your Parade!

I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of all the recession doom and gloom. There’s not a damn thing I can do about it and it is totally raining on my parade.

Well, I’ve decided to take my parade elsewhere. In honor of Mardi Gras, I say – Let the Good Times Roll!

Here’s what I’m going to start doing today:

1.) As much as I can, I’m going to stop talking about it. I’ve found myself asking people I meet if the recession is impacting their business and we get all drawn into commiseration. Well, no more!

2.) I’m going to keep living. By this I mean I’m going to do what I would do if there wasn’t a recession. I’m going to buy chocolate, books, and Blu-ray movies. I’m going to an out-of-town, fun, learning conference this weekend. It has nothing to do with work. If we all panic and stop spending, we make it worse. I’m not saying go crazy, but I think you know what I mean. I’m worrying about purchases I shouldn’t be worrying about. The reality may be that my retirement funds have tanked, but I wasn’t planning on accessing them for 20 years. I think a lot will happen in 20 years.

3.) I’m going to do a reality check whenever I feel a little panicky. The reality is that I have zero debt (I own my house, my car and everything else I have.) The reality is that I’m doing fine this year. The reality is that I have a healthy emergency fund. But things might get worse!!! AAIIEEE!!! Yeah, but they might get better too. Reality for me is that I’m more than okay. Deep breaths.

4.) I’m going to put the media into perspective. I’m not one of those people who can just stop watching the news. I do want to know what’s going on in the world. But we all know they only care about bad news. Murder, mayhem, disaster – that gets the press. I didn’t get any coverage when I paid off my mortgage. But there was plenty of coverage of folks who lost their homes. All my clients who had their best year EVER in 2008 didn’t get a news story. But a ten person doughnut shop closes and there it is on page one of the business section. There are companies that are thriving right now. There are plenty of people who are NOT losing their jobs. There are even new businesses starting AND companies hiring. GASP! Can you believe it?

Think of it this way – I haven’t killed anyone. I don’t know any murderers; I don’t even know any murderees. But far more murderers are covered in the news than average non-murdering citizens. It’s amazing we ever leave our homes; that we aren’t in a panic about all these criminals roaming the streets. Put it in perspective.

5.) I am going to work hard, but I’m also using this time to enjoy life. I have really become a workaholic in the last ten years and I’ve paid the price in my personal life. Now is a fantastic time to change that. Maybe this business slow down will force a lot of us to re-evaluate the role of work in our lives. How much stuff do we really need?

6.) I’m doing the things I never had time for. Putting the finishing touches on my book, revamping my web site, updating my database. This doesn’t have to be work related – it could be personal if your workload has lightened. It may be time to set your clutter free!

7.) I’m going to celebrate. Life is good!! Heck, life is more than good – life is great! Retailers have great sales going on, the sun is shining and I live in a great state in a great country. I have my health and good friends. There is NOTHING to be unhappy about and EVERYTHING to celebrate!

So put on some great jazz, throw on your beads, and join the parade! It’s going to take more than a recession to steal our joy!

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