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Do Motivational Speeches Work?

It’s often hard to tell if a speech or training session really had an impact for a company. In these economic times, return on investment is extremely important. So you can imagine how thrilled I was when Sprint (now Embarq) asked me to come back to talk to their people again. The Fayetteville call center had its highest sales month immediately after I came in and spoke to their teams. YAHOO!

The interesting is that I wasn’t doing sales or customer service training. I was giving them training on how to be enthusiastic and how to stay that way. And let’s face it, attitude is the basis for success in sales. You can know what to say, but if you don’t have the fire, you won’t get the sale.

I also did a session for the call center leadership. The greatest factor in an employee’s job satisfaction and morale is their immediate supervisor.

The leader’s attitude is mirrored by the followers. If a leader isn’t fired up about work every day, don’t expect her team to be. If a supervisor doesn’t like the people who work for him, don’t expect them to give him their best. As I always say, “You deserve the team you get.” The leader decides who stays on that team every day, and it is the leader’s job to bring out their best.

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