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Communication Training Gets Results

This is the kind of email every motivational speaker wants to get – one letting you know your words really had an impact, that they generated a good return on investment:

Ms. Ryan,

I recently attended your presentation during the NC Rural Water Supervisors conference.  The exercises from your presentation helped me to realize a recent mistake I made with a crew of men.  I have since addressed the mistake with the men and morale was immediately uplifted. 

Tks again,

Lin Reynolds , Sampson County

“Morale was immediately uplifted” – yay! Lin had to do the heavy lifting of realizing his mistake and changing his behavior, but my program “How to Communicate with Everyone Who Isn’t You” gave him the information he needed. Look at all the people who benefited from this:

  • Lin – his employees are more motivated, and his leadership skills are enhanced
  • His employees – they enjoy their work more
  • His employer – they have a more skilled leader and happier employees
  • His family – Lin is now a better communicator and happier at work, so he’s better at home too
  • Sampson County – happier employees provide better service to citizens
  • The NC Rural Water Association – they have a member who now finds his membership even more valuable

The ripple effect could go on and on. Communicating with people different than you is one of the most important skills we can develop. It doesn’t just come naturally – we can get lazy and keep doing what’s not working. Bravo to Lin for taking the time to grow and for trying new things – he’s having a huge impact!

Communication training can help all of us – and this session is packed with tips you can put into use immediately.  Just ask Lin!


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