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Change Your View for 2022

As I’m writing this, Omicron is surging and it feels like March 2020 all over again. By the time you read it, we might be dancing in the streets, mask-free. No one knows and that’s the kicker. It feels like being on a seesaw, but a lot less fun. Here are some tips to help:

Use multiple sources to form your view.  Everything is so politicized these days it’s hard to know what’s really happening. I get info from the New York Times (leans left) and the Wall Street Journal (leans right).  It’s amazing how different they can be. When someone tell me something I think is questionable, I use multiple sources to fact check. There is more misinformation flying around than at any time in human history. And if deep fakes don’t scare you, well, they should.

Realize uncertainty is the new black. I don’t know what’s going to happen with all these variants. I can’t even keep up with the mask mandates! Inflation? Who knows? My stock portfolio? Fingers crossed! This is going to be the way of travel for a while. Nobody knows what the heck is going on.

Celebrate the constants. Chocolate is still delicious. Nature will still restore you. And music still lifts your soul.

Let go of comparisons. Comparing my pre-covid business with my post-covid business is just depressing.  And inaccurate. The market has changed – virtual is here to stay (in some format) and who knows when meeting attendance will fully return.  Sure, some speakers tell me they are making more money than ever. I quit comparing myself with them too. And with all those people who got super fit during lock down. I’m focusing on what works for me and knowing I’m doing my best. I’m not looking in the rearview or at other drivers – I’m just trying to keep my car on the road!

Focus on your area of control. This has made me realize how very small that is. I did a huge marketing campaign just before the Delta variant hit. My timing couldn’t have been worse. But I did pull off a killer real estate deal. Selling my house I can influence. Virus surges, unfortunately not.

Lower your expectations.  If everyone is out sick, service will suffer. I’m trying not to get mad at long hold times or untrained workers. It’s harder to lower expectations for myself.

Reassess. Take some time to think about the past TWO (how did that even happen?) years. What did you learn? What did you miss? How did you change? What are your dreams for 2022? I’m finding myself becoming complacent. Why put on makeup when I’ll be wearing a mask? Why put on pants that don’t stretch? Why leave the house? I am in the matrix, and apparently, I’m starting to like it. Jeff Bezos is my new BFF. I’m so changing my view in 2022.

Reset. I hit a massive reset button for 2022 – we just moved. I now realize what a hoarder I am. Why do I have so much stuff? I’m still working on getting rid of it. Thankfully there are more ways to dump your old stuff than ever before. Supply chains messed up?  Good – I’m the new supply chain. I’ve sold furniture, shoes I’ve never worn, and given about a million books to charity. I’ve been hanging onto things for the life I THINK I have rather than the life I do have. Getting rid of things will set you free.

Revive. Okay, moving is a bit extreme. Maybe you just paint a room. (It’s amazing how much difference a new paint color makes.) Go through everything in that room – and get rid of things that no longer fit or work with your new post pandemic (or whatever we’re calling this) life. There’s more than one way to change your view.

Reward. (Apparently, I’m having an R moment.) You’ve had two years of stress and worry. Never in our wildest dreams did we think we’d have to wear masks, argue over vaccines, and shut down the country. But you’re still here. Give yourself a damn pat on the back. You kept showing up – for your employer, for your family, for yourself.

Rejoice. When was the last time you rejoiced? A bird flew into one of our windows the other day. I heard the bang and ran to see a tiny nuthatch. As I watched, his head lolled back and I was horrified that he had broken his neck. But I kept watching, hoping he might somehow be okay. He was completely motionless for about seven minutes, then gathered himself and flew off. I rejoiced. Yes, I know it was only a bird. But as Thoreau said, “It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.” I saw a tiny miracle. They are everywhere if you change your view.

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