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If we had to go through a global pandemic, we might as well learn from it!  This session will pull together the lessons from our experience so we can use it to make us better, faster and stronger.  We’ll discuss not only what you learned about your work, but also what you learned about your […]

One of the greatest challenges we all face is keeping ourselves motivated. This is particularly difficult and extremely important with our fast-paced high responsibility jobs today. It’s easy to lose enthusiasm and get burned out, stressed out, and finally – checked out. This high-energy session gives attendees six steps for getting the fire back in […]

This session features two things everyone likes – chocolate and motivation!  It teaches nine key motivational concepts that can help participants get more out of every day – both personally and professionally.  They’ll learn about persistence, passion, effective allocation of resources, the law of diminishing returns, and much more!  The session includes a chocolate tasting […]

Changes are coming at us at an overwhelming rate – new technology, increased job responsibilities, relationship changes. People are suffering stress and anxiety at higher rates than ever before. This seminar is designed to help attendees effectively handle change. They will learn a five-step process for dealing with change and will examine all the different […]

It’s the eternal struggle – do we need to live in the moment or do we need to work for the future?  Eat the doughnut or the carrot?  Push the team harder or have a company picnic?   Pet a puppy or deal with tough issues?  In this thought-provoking session, you’ll learn what made the Spartans […]