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Networking and Sales Articles

Back in 2005, my little red Celica gave up the ghost. I loved that car, but after 178,000 miles in four years, it was time to get a new vehicle. Since it had been such a great car, I decided to simply get a new one. I walked into the Toyota dealership ready to buy. […]

All of us would like to add new people to our lives – either to expand our circle of friends or to increase our customer base. But most people don’t know how to go about this very well. Here are some tips: • Go where the type of people you want to meet are. This […]

I’ve been to two huge trade shows recently so I have them on the brain. And what works on the trade show floor works in life, like it or not. 1.) You will be judged by your appearance. Cheesy, ugly booths did not attract the crowds that colorful well designed booths did. I’m not talking […]

Ouch – we all hate it when we’re rejected. Fear of rejection stops salespeople from asking for the sale. It stops us from reaching out to new friends and associates. It stops families from coming together. It even stops us from pursuing our dreams. Rejection is a given – no matter how fabulous you are, […]

Are you trying to scare your salespeople into getting results? Where there’s fear, there can be no enthusiasm. And where there’s no enthusiasm, there are poor sales. 1.) Take a good look at yourself. Are you really projecting enthusiasm for your company and its products? Do you come in everyday with a smile on your […]