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Are You Working Too Hard or Not Hard Enough?

In this thought-provoking session, you’ll learn what made the Spartans so fierce, Socrates so wise, and how to apply the best of both to your life.  Not for life balance, mind you, I hate that phrase.  One man’s life balance is another man’s hell.  There is no perfect balance, there is only what makes you successful by your own standards.  Living a life with as little regret as possible.

I learned about Socrates – how wise and beloved he was.  But he was pretty much a gadfly, flitting around Athens, not wearing shoes, in tatty robes.  And the Spartans?  Well, if you weren’t born 100% healthy, it was game over for you.  Yep – abandoned/killed their own babies.  To say they were in it to win it is an understatement.

I often put together programs to help myself as much as you all.  I tend toward the Spartan (and I’ve developed a quiz to help you assess where on the spectrum you fall) and there are many times I’ve missed out because I was working.  Work that could have been postponed.  Mostly.  I have issues, I know it.

I had to move toward the Socratic side just to go to Greece.  To go on a two-week vacation, I had to turn down speaking engagements.  That seems so weak and frivolous to me!  (This resonates with you if you are Spartan, seems ridiculous if you’re more Socratic.)

On the other hand, some Socratics need to Spartan Up and do things like exercise when they want to go out or save some money for their retirement rather than go shopping.  They need to think long term enough so they can succeed.

So no matter who you are, you’ll get some great ideas.  You’ll leave with tips to help you be more disciplined, to think more critically (a skill that seems to be in short supply these days), and to live life more fully.  Leaders can also examine if they need to be more Spartan or Socratic to get the best from their people.  Culture is a hot buzzword these days, but let me tell you, Sparta created a results-driven culture beyond compare.

Want more discipline and better thinking skills?   Want to live a life with no regrets? Molon Labe! *


*Spartan King Leonidas said these words.  Means “Come and get them.”  We’ll discuss.


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