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Shouldn’t Buying a Home be Fun?

Yeah, yeah, I’m a motivational speaker – everything I do should be fun, right?  Well, I try to roll that way, but sometimes dark forces work against me.

I am still in the “due diligence” period of buying a new home and I have to say, I’ve found the whole process frustrating, challenging, and somewhat archaic.  Things that have taken the fun out if have included my Realtor getting mad that we were driving him all over the place; my Realtor never listening to me (including when I told him we just passed a road he was looking for!); the seller’s Realtor telling us many things that she later claimed “she simply didn’t know about”; and the inability to talk directly with anyone except our Realtor.  (Try communicating to other people through someone who doesn’t listen to you.)

These tips are for anyone who sells anything:

1. Listen, listen, listen.  Want to make the best use of your selling time?  Listen to what the buyer actually wants, not what you want to sell them.  Ask lots of questions.

2. Buying what you’re selling should be enjoyable!  I don’t care if you’re selling widgets.  Interacting with you should be enjoyable and looking at the product should be enjoyable.  You should be excited about what you’re selling or you should sell something else.

3.  Remember getting someone’s money is a big deal.  Buying a home is a huge investment.  Even if someone is just buying a meal from you in a restaurant, they worked hard for that money.  Don’t start taking that exchange for granted.

4. We are all replaceable.  I did all the research on the houses, I came up with all the comps, I decided what kind of offer to make – I just needed someone to get me in to see the properties.  If all that is offered is chauffeur service, this business model is doomed.  We all need to make sure we offer value and our customers feel appreciated.

5. Never, ever lie.  Don’t tell a prospect something to get the sale and later tell them you just didn’t know.  Don’t make a promise if you can’t keep it.  This type of behavior is why people don’t like salespeople.  We feel manipulated and angry and wonder what else you may be hiding from us.  I know that mistakes happen and everyone is entitled to one.  But more than one and an attitude of arrogance will turn off any buyer.  And nowadays they can tell the world about you.

Okay – thanks for the vent.  I’m sure there are many great Realtors out there – people who are still excited about helping make people’s dreams come true.   I know it’s a hard job and lots of work, but for the buyer it is a major life decision.  Realtors should never forget that.  Most of the houses we saw were lovely and some were down right fascinating!  And I am so grateful to be in a position to afford a terrific home.  Here’s to more fun and less angst in all buying processes!