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Funny Female Motivational Speaker

Humorous Female Motivational Speaker - Denise RyanHiring the right speaker can be tricky.  A humorous female motivational speaker (like me!) is not the right fit for all audiences.  The greatest challenge in meeting planning is to determine the needs and desires of the attendees when most of the time they don’t even know!

Meeting planners send out surveys asking the attendees what they would like to see at the next meeting.  They conduct evaluations.  They are always begging for feedback and ideas.  Most of the time, they get nothing.  Or respondents put what they think they need rather than what they really want to see.  For example, people say they want  more healthy menu options, but when restaurants add them to the menu, no one orders them.  No one ever says, “bacon, more bacon – on everything.  And frosting!  Lots of frosting!”

This means meeting planners have to be mind readers.  They have to know when attendees need motivation and when they need more information on the technical aspects of their jobs.  They have to know when they need a boost in their soft skills (getting along with others, stress management) and when they need safety training.  And they have to know what speakers will resonate with their group. Who is funny?  Who will make them laugh?

Some things to consider:

Regional differences – will a speaker from another part of the country intrigue or alienate your audience?

Educational differences – if you have a room full of Ph.Ds, should your speaker have a Ph.D. too?  If you have a room full of high school graduates is a Ph.D. the best fit?

Gender differences – could a woman work well with your audience?  Would a man be a better fit for certain topics? Do you talk about opportunities for women in your organization, but always bring in male speakers?  Or vice versa?

Age differences – not all speakers are comfortable speaking to all ages.  There’s nothing wrong with discussing this.

Humor – all speakers have to have at least a little humor in their presentations to engage the audience.  But the amount will vary with audience and topic.  I doubt you’ll ever hear, “I hated that speaker, she was too funny!”

The bottom line is to consider all these things.  They are not to discriminate; they are simply things to think about when finding the best match for your audience.  It’s hard to be the one who has to pick the speaker!  Ask a lot of questions and give the best answers you can to a speaker’s questions.  We all want the same thing – thrilled audiences and lots of applause!

And if a funny female motivational speaker with lots of applicable content seems like a good fit for you, don’t hesitate to ask for a no-obligation fee quote!  Call us today at 919.788.0291 or complete our request form by clicking here.