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Random Acts

Almost everyone is familiar with the idea of committing a Random Act of Kindness – an action you take for someone unasked and for which you expect nothing in return. It’s... 

Lessons from Life (and Death)

Life is good at teaching us lessons – keeping us on our toes when things get too easy. Like many of you, I called my Mom in May to wish her a happy Mother’s Day. She told... 

Do Motivational Speeches Work?

It’s often hard to tell if a speech or training session really had an impact for a company. In these economic times, return on investment is extremely important. So you can imagine... 

You (May) have Less Than Three Years to Live

If you’ve been paying attention to Hollywood and other random sources of information, we’ve only got about three more years to live. (The world is supposed to end in December 2012.)... 

Is Your Life a Trick or a Treat?

I love fall – the colors of the leaves, the crispness in the air, the fall flavors of pumpkin and spice, and, of course, Halloween. As a kid, it was like dying and going to heaven.... 

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