The Sublime, the Tacky and the Stupid

I spent last Christmas in Vegas. Well, actually I was in Death Valley for the holiday itself, but the majority of my Yuletide was spent in Las Vegas. I love Las Vegas – what a glittery,... 

Judging a Book by Its Cover

Did you know that in less than 30 seconds people seeing you for the first time are making assumptions about things like your educational level, your trustworthiness, your potential... 

Networking like You Mean It

Want to build your network? Here are some quick tips: Show up! Attend at least two networking events a month. Make sure the people there are those you need to meet, otherwise you’re... 

What Buying A Car Taught Me About Sales (and Customer Service)

Back in 2005, my little red Celica gave up the ghost. I loved that car, but after 178,000 miles in four years, it was time to get a new vehicle. Since it had been such a great car,... 

Networking for Dummies, It’s not Rocket Science

All of us would like to add new people to our lives – either to expand our circle of friends or to increase our customer base. But most people don’t know how to go about... 

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