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This is something I posted a while back, but I just got a comment from someone saying it was the best blog post they ever read!  So I thought I’d post it here.  It is pretty good if I say so myself!  : ) I think some people have gotten confused about freedom, about independence. […]

Are you a planner?  I am.  My boyfriend is not.  As you can imagine this can result in a bit of turmoil.  Not that I would EVER try to control anyone else and his carefree, fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants, go-with-the-flow, opportunity wasting, infuriating, idiotic……um…guess you see what I mean. I firmly believe that planning is the way to […]

Do you know what motivates you?  Is it the thrill of adventure?  Is it making a difference in the life of someone else?  Is it professional accomplishment?  Is it fame?  Fortune? If you answered, “I don’t know”, then we have some work to do.  You need to wake up and start paying attention to what […]

     I recently attended the Society for Human Resources’ national convention.  While I was there, I reviewed a study by a company called Achievers.  It was designed to see if CEOs and HR professionals really knew what employees were thinking about three key factors in employee retention: feedback, recognition, and managerial communication.  The results […]

     I know you’re thinking – “What a lame clique!”  Not jaded much, are we?  Every cloud really does have a silver lining IF you choose to look at it that way.  Bad things are going to happen.  Let’s take the worst possible – the death of a loved one. How could THAT have […]