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Are You Working Too Hard? Or Not Hard Enough?

It’s the eternal struggle – do we need to live in the moment or do we need to work for the future?  Eat the doughnut or the carrot?  Push the team harder or have a company picnic?   Pet a puppy or deal with tough issues?  In this thought-provoking session, you’ll learn what made the Spartans so fierce and Socrates so wise and how to apply the best of both to maximize your success.  You’ll learn:

¨ How to be more disciplined

¨ How to think more critically

¨ When to Spartan Up and when to give it a rest

Leaders will also examine if they need to be more Spartan or Socratic to get the best from their people.

Want more discipline and better thinking skills?   Molon Labe!*


*Spartan phrase – come and take them.  We’ll discuss.


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