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Becoming a Conflict Ninja

Let’s face it, from time to time, we disagree.  Sometimes we disagree with random strangers; sometimes with people we supposedly love.  As long as humans have been hanging out together, we’ve had different opinions.  You say tomato, I say jelly bean.  It’s just the way we roll.  So, is it bad, horrible, to be avoided at all costs?   Conflict can actually produce better results.  Customer complaints can lead companies to up their games.   But you have to know how to make the most of it.  This session helps!

1.) You begin by determining what you focus on in conflict.  Some focus on logic and victory; others on feelings or justice or consensus.

2.) You recognize which of the 18 destructive responses you tend to have when there’s a difference of opinion.  Here are a few: belittling, drama, defensiveness, exaggerating, excluding, caving in, sarcasm, passive-aggression.

3.)  You learn techniques to respond differently and to understand others’ destructive responses.  Part of the program is identifying and dealing with automatic thoughts and knee-jerk reactions.  (You’ll be surprised how much insight you’ll gain.)

4.) You become aware of the conversation you’re having and the one each of you thinks you’re having.  Maybe you think you are asking for clarification and the other person thinks you’re saying they’re stupid.

5.)  You rock the conflict by responding productively.  The session covers 16 productive responses that can defuse situations and help us hear each other.  It includes videos to demonstrate when a conversation went off the rails and what could have been done about it.

Few of us have the tools to make conflict productive rather than destructive.  This session will change that.

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