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Jump Start Your Life (or Confessions of a Motivational Speaker)

If you’re anything like me, I get bored easily. I slide into routine because it’s easy and then I get comfortable. When I get too comfortable, I get bored. When I get bored, I get... 

Another Year Wiser? (Or Just Older?)

Another year of your precious, precious life just went by. Three hundred and sixty five days you will never have again. Before you get too far into another year, take a minute and reflect.... 

Why We Need Hard Times

They were the best of times, they were the worst of times…there we were – Americans in the summer of 2002 – a little more patriotic than we were last summer, maybe... 

Have You Lost the Fire?

Did you start the New Year on fire, brimming with enthusiasm for all the lofty goals you were going to accomplish, only to already be back in the doldrums? If so, here are some thoughts... 

Stop Being a Victim

The foundation for living a great life rests on one vital principle: You are responsible. Yep, that’s right – you are responsible. Unhappy in your job? You took the job, you choose... 

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