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Don’t Let Your Next Board Retreat be a Waste of Time!

If you have a board of directors or have ever held a retreat, you might enjoy this one! And if you ever need an outside facilitator, give FireStar a call. Have any of these things ever... 

Why We Don’t Reward Excellence

  Recently I was very disturbed by an article I read in the Raleigh, N.C. News & Observer concerning grades at the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill. The article... 

Why Conferences and Annual Meetings are NOT Evil

Thanks to the media vilifying a few apparently out-of-control jaunts by corporations who had to be bailed out, many companies are now reconsidering their own meetings and conventions.... 

Improve Your Customer Service or Die

Even in a recession, when businesses are closing and people are being laid off, customer service is STILL terrible! How can this be? This should be a top priority all the time, but... 

Where Have all the Leaders Gone?

This is it, leaders—the chance you have been waiting for! The perfect opportunity to be a guiding light in the darkness. The time to step up and inspire your people, to take away... 

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