Denise Ryan’s Productivity Prayer

God grant me the insight to disable the alerts on my electronic devices;
the courage to not constantly check my e-mail;
and the wisdom to focus on things that are actually productive.


And if you could do something about that Facebook thing…..


2 Responses to “Denise Ryan’s Productivity Prayer”
  1. charlotte says:

    I try to find the good in the face book topics. I learn to ingnore the stabs and picking people do each other for meanness or cruel jokes. I stand my ground sort when I know the people can defender themselve. I know I going here there and yander. But Hope i answer the question I think … u thank for speaking to and God bless you

  2. deniseryan says:

    Thanks, Charlotte – if you can focus on the good and ignore the rest – you have discovered the secret to Facebook happiness! Thank you for the comment and blessings back to you!

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