Vampire Slaying

FireStar can do more than just deliver training. Recently we worked with a client to help improve their customer service. They have a phone system that allows them to record calls, and they sent me three randomly selected calls from each of their customer service representatives (CSRs). I reviewed them and did assessments.

Their leadership team was surprised by some of the calls. Some reps were amazingly good (people they didn’t expect to be) and some they thought would be great, weren’t. I gave a customized training session for the team and afterward, met with the CSRs individually. We listened to their calls and discussed how they could improve. What I found most interesting was how seriously they took the coaching. They REALLY wanted to do better and were surprised to hear how they habitually answered the phone or ended the calls.

After the coaching sessions, I had a debriefing with leadership. One employee (who we could use as a model for excellence) was given a 25% raise. Another was given a deadline for improvement. We found that the way people were in the hallway and they way they were with customers could be significantly different. This is vital information for all companies to have. What matters is how your people are with the customers—not if they tell they best jokes at the staff get togethers.

You decide—do you REALLY know how your customer service people are performing? Do you have a way to reward excellence? You may have a diamond in the rough and not even know it. You may also have an employee or two who need a good kick in the pants. If you treat them the same, eventually the good one will leave and the bad ones will spread their poison to your customers and the rest of your team.

It’s an employers market right now. If there was ever a time to get rid of all those enthusiasm vampires, this is it! If you need a wooden stake or two, call FireStar. We love to slay vampires.

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