Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Many of you know I have to do a major “out of my comfort zone” thing every year. And I challenge all of you to do the same (at least promise me you won’t go to the SAME beach again this year! There’s a whole world out there – go see something new!)

This year I’m going to South Africa. The first thing I have to do is start taking malaria medicine – YIKES! I’ll be spending three days in Sabi Sabi Game Reserve and hopefully will get a glimpse of the big five – (elephant, lion, leopard, buffalo and rhinoceros). You’ll hear all about it on my return. After all, I have to keep getting new materials for my speeches so you all don’t get bored!

But what about you? What are you doing out of the ordinary this summer? Or this year? Are you just going to sit there while life passes you by? Here are several ideas to get your juices flowing:

• Take a class or attend a lecture (could be at your gym, community college, local library).

• Try out a new fashion – have a friend go with you if you’re really nervous. You might be surprised how awesome you look.

• Read a book (if you don’t read). Read something outside your usual genre if you do (some of the new authors are terrific!)

• Go somewhere you have never been on vacation. Make it a rule to never take the same vacation twice. There is no excuse for repeating vacations – the world is too big and life is too short.

• Call someone that you love and tell them you love them. Don’t e-mail them – that’s too easy. Better yet, invite them to lunch at a restaurant you’ve never even been to and tell them while looking them square in the eye. Tell them how very much they mean to you. It can be scary to lay our hearts out there on the highway of love. But that’s what keeps us awake and alive!

• Try a new flavor of ice cream (do you know the most popular flavor is vanilla? How incredibly boring is that?) In fact, in the ice cream shop of life (where there are WAY over 31 flavors) are you choosing vanilla every time? Are you settling for an average life? It’s up to you to make it extraordinary.

• Stay home from work and do something fun. (This is only for you workaholics out there – you know who you are. This idea is shocking to you.) Have no idea what fun is? You are in serious trouble – e-mail me. We’ll get you some help right away.

• If you’ve never had one, get a spa treatment. A massage, pedicure – whatever strikes your fancy.

The bottom line is – do something you’ve never done. Don’t let your very own awesome life get boring. It will be gone all to soon – LIVE IT!

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