Millennials – Can’t Live with ‘Em, Can’t Succeed without ‘Em

The Boomers and Gen X have pretty much made peace with each other.  There are still some hassles over work life balance and work ethic, but, for the most part, the big challenges come with the Millennials.  How do we reward them in a way that works but allows the rest of us to get our own jobs done?  How do we give work meaning in a way that inspires and doesn’t seem fake?  How does independent Gen X handle giving what seems like constant feedback?  This session addresses all that and more.  It’s designed to help leaders manage a workforce with what seem like vastly different needs and expectations (and that, quite frankly, sometimes gets on their nerves).  The session is jam packed with all the things you’ll need to really motivate and effectively manage your younger employees.  And most of the tips will make everyone else happier too – bonus!

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